What yet another Blog? you might find yourself thinking. Yes! Why? Well I’m not sure about that either. I guess this blog just happend. The Name of this blog is: learning and trying yet stumbling and failing. Because that’s what happens with me all the time. I am learning with and from Christ but sometimes I wonder if I actually persue him out of the right reasons or not. I am quite serious about my path with Christ but I do feel lonely from time to time so I figured why not share my thoughts, my failure and Christs endless forgiveness with the whole wide world? Crazy isn’t it?
During the time I have walked with Christ I had some massive breakdowns and crisis but he is faithful let me assure you. I invite you yet again to come along on a journey and only God knows when it will end.
Whe time comes you will get to know me better and I guess you’ll learn a lot about me that is more important than my origin, age, name or denomination.
I am not sure if I will update regularly as I have a lot on my plate. (I am on holidays right now)

Much love and persitence in following Christ
Ps: this is not my real name. But God once gave me this name and it means beloved ♥